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March/April 2014 Clandestine, Opposition, and Pirate Loggings

North American Pirate Station Loggings
Note that all days and times are in UTC (GMT) and all frequencies are in kHz

By Steven Handler, WPC9JXK

BOC-Boards Of Canada 6925 USB 2226 until 2239 sign off on Monday. Played only Boards Of Canada music, Digital info at 2237 before off with ID in CW. No voice announcements. SIO 444 (Lobdell-MA). Also heard 6920 AM 2316 until 2344 sign off on Thursday. Non-stop songs by the group Boards Of Canada, all instrumental. Titles included: "Iced Cooly," “Base Tree,” “Melissa Juice.” CW ID only at QRT. SIO: 343 (Lobdell-MA).

Captain Morgan on 6925 AM 0136 until 0150 sign off on Monday. The Captain with classic rock by Steppenwolf, Eagles, Ringo Starr, Everclear. IDs and email info. SIO: 444. (Lobdell-MA).

Metro Radio International 6950 AM 0013 until 0056 sign off, Wednesday. Rock and pop music, banter between male and female. Live version of a Depeche Mode tune 0038, clear Metro ID 0045. SIO: 232. (Lobdell-MA). Also heard 0032-0210+ on Friday, mostly a weak AM signal with OM/YL chatting about music. Occasional fade ups. Heard mentions of Aristocat 0053, then a Depeche Mode tune was played. Same program was repeated. SIO: 121. (Lobdell-MA). Heard also on 6974.3 AM 0105 Sunday. Heavy metal rock, spacey music, tune: “tubular bells.” Poor at or below low noise floor signal. (Hassig-IL). And also heard 0212 on Saturday. Pop/rock music, male & female DJ’s. Poor at or below low noise floor. (Hassig-IL)

Northwoods Radio 6935 USB 0042 until 0158 sign off on Tuesday. Nice rock tunes by Humble Pie, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, and others. SSTV at 0154. Also on //6950 AM at the same time, but I didn’t hear it. SIO: 343. (Lobdell-MA).

Partial India Radio 6920 AM from 0137 until 0207 sign off on Saturday. “The Best of PIR” show with bits on Madonna, a parody of “Unshackled” ... funny stuff! Email: SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA). Also heard on 6925 USB, 0231-0300+ on Tuesday. Relay of “The Best of Partial India Radio” with Sanjay, Harold Krishna, and the Pushy Punjab. Although a bit dated, still hilarious. Fading out near end. (Lobdell-MA).

PBS-The Pirate Broadcasting System 6945 AM 0058 until 0145 sign off on Thursday. Vintage radio show about a haunted house; Tunes by Jethro Tull, Neil Diamond, La Tour, Lords Of Acid, Praga Khan. Full ID at 0128. No contact info given. Transmitter issues at 0140, on and off several times before off for good 0145 sign off. SIO: 232. (Lobdell-MA).

Pipeline Radio on 6925 AM 2329-2343+ on Saturday. Radio audio about surf conditions, AD for zinc oxide “Ocean Potion,” OM remarking “it’s a beautiful beach day out here.” Tunes by Surfaris, Dick Dale, and His Del Tones. Signal gradually weakened as time went on, allowing the pescadores in LSB to be more of a problem. Email: SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA).

Radio Casablanca 6940 AM, Sign on at 0057 heard until 0226+ on Wednesday. Sign on with IS of La Marseilles, then full French National Anthem 0101. ID. Email: Played bits from the movie Casablanca and music from that era by Dick Haynes, Inkspots, Benny Goodman, etc. Good reception throughout. SIO: 444. (Lobdell-MA)  (NOTE: For those that are looking for a QSL, they do reply. Try them at -WPC9JXK)

Radio Free Whatever 6949.9 AM 0007 until 0032 sign off on Thursday. DJ Dick Weed hosting program with rock music and audio clips and discussion with in studio pal prior to close down. IDs and e-mail address: Good signal. (D’Angelo-PA). Also heard on 6950 AM 0059 until 0137 sign off on Tuesday. DJ Dick Weed and assistant Steven playing tunes By Digital Rain, Avenger, Alexei Zakharov. SSTV at 0135 then off. SIO: 343. (Lobdell-MA). Heard also on 6920 AM from 0115 until 0202 sign off on Tuesday. DJ Dick Weed spinning tunes by Jesus Jones, Roxy Music, Blur, Sonic Youth, INXS, NIN ... Said using improved audio processing. Sounded good. SIO: 343. (Lobdell-MA). Also heard 6955 AM 0152 on Saturday with banter between 2 DJ’s incl X-rated talk. Poor signal, distorted audio, sed “120% modulation” (Hassig-IL). Also heard on 6945 AM 2320 until 0013 sign off on Monday.  Dick Weed playing “angry” rock tunes By Hellyeah, Sevendust, Slayer. Occasional chatter between comrades Weed and Steven his assistant. Off after SSTV image. SIO: 343. (Lobdell-MA). Heard also 6950 AM 2350 until 0032 sign off on Wednesday. This was all heavy metal tunes show including some by Helmet, Megadeath. SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA).

Radio Gallifrey International 6950 USB 0041 until 0059 sign off on Monday. Instrumental “spacey” type tunes. Talk by a male Mentioning “before I go.” Some sort of digital transmission at 0058 before QRT. SIO: 343. (Lobdell-MA).

Red Mercury Labs 6935 USB 0155 until 0222 sign off on Wednesday. Playing tunes by Iron Maiden, Jane’s Addiction, Deep Purple, AC/DC. OM announcer with IDs, greeting those posting on the HFUnderground. SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA). Heard also 6925 USB 0223 on Sunday. Fair, avant-garde dance music, heavy metal tune “Balls to the Wall,” Santana’s “Black Magic Woman,” read logs from hf underground including mine, more new age music, now punk rock music. Email: (Hassig-IL). Heard also at 0230 on Sunday. Fair, pop/rock including “Don’t Fear The Reaper,” by Blue Oyster Cult, “Message in a Bottle,” by The Police, and email address. (Hassig-IL). Also heard 6925 USB 0339-0346 on Saturday. Talk and greetings to listeners, mentioned website:, played “A Horse With No Name” by America. SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA). Heard also 0413-0422+ on Sunday. Rock tunes by Blondie, Green Day, James Brown. Said they were live tonight and to check them out on “tumblr.” SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA).

Renegade Radio on 6955 USB, 0415-0430+ on Sunday. IDs by OM, classic tunes by Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Nirvana, Pearl Jam. SIO: 343. (Lobdell-MA).

TCS Relay Network-The Crystal Ship 6950 AM, 0151-0205+ Monday. Classic rock. ID at 0153. SIO: 343. (Lobdell-MA) Also heard 0202-0214+ Monday. Pop and rock tunes including some by Jackson Brown, Sting, Coven. The usual computer generated IDs with female voice. SIO: 343. (Lobdell-MA).

Undercover Radio on 6925 USB 0353-0415+ on Sunday. Dr. Benway broadcasts the classic KIPM show “He Who Evolved.” SIO: 454. (Lobdell-MA).

Wolverine Radio 6935 USB 0120-0212 on Sunday. Good signal and good audio, excellent program of songs with the word light in them, SSTV-FAX at 0210. (Hassig-IL). Heard also on 6945 USB 0123-0206 on Saturday. Translation of Deputy Dan from Spanish to English, strange percussive music, classical music featuring oboe with strings, whispered ID, SSTV/FAX at 0204. Fair signal. (Hassig-IL). Also heard on 6950 USB 0135-0230 on Sunday. Good signal and excellent audio, nice theme program of songs with the word friend or friends in them including tunes by Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker, Grateful Dead, etc., per posts on hf underground was heard in Scotland and in Kiev Ukraine, SSTV/FAX at 0228. (Hassig-IL)

X-FM 6960 AM 0404-0420+ on Sunday. SIO: 222. ID by OM, mentioned broadcasting in CQuam AM Stereo, heard Him talking about Andy Yoder’s Pirate Annual book, wondering when the new one is coming out, then something about fire prevention. Signal mostly poor but better during fade ups. SIO: 222. (Lobdell-MA)  Also heard on 6975 AM 0311 on Sunday. Fair/poor, “XFM, the power of X,” pop rock music, Van Halen’s “Panama” (Hassig-IL) Also heard 6965 AM at 0324-0327 on Sunday. Fair, good audio, soft pop music, got end of program. (Hassig-IL)

Euro Pirate Station Loggings
Note that all days and times are in UTC (GMT) and all frequencies are in kHz

Borderhunter Radio-Holland 6295 AM from 0032 until 0114 sign off on Saturday. Talk in EE by DJ Frans, played tunes by Melanie, Donovan, Dobie Gray. Pirates of Peace promo 0055. SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA). Also heard on 6260 AM 2337-2350+ on Saturday. Frans here playing instrumental music, also doing various shoutouts to those posting On Iann’s Chat room. SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA).

Radio Marabu 6305 AM 2224-2340+ on Saturday. Pop and rock tunes, IDs in English and other languages as well. SIO: 232. (Lobdell-MA)

Clandestine and Opposition Station Loggings
Note that all days and times are in UTC (GMT) and all frequencies are in kHz

Democratic Voice of Burma via Gavar, Armenia on 11595 at 0004 in Burmese. Man talking at length. Poor. Sunday. (Taylor-WI) (NOTE: Targeting North Korea-WPC9JXK)

Denge Kurdistani 1334 in Kurdish. Program of Kurdish music with woman announcer. Fair. Saturday. (Taylor-WI) (NOTE: Targeting Kurdistan via transmitter probably in Moldova-WPC9JXK)

Furusato no Kaze [targeting North Korea via transmitters in Taipei, Taiwan] on 9950 at 1330 Friday sign on in Japanese with a female presenter. Poor signal. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)

Khmer People Power Movement 9960 at 1250 to 1300 Saturday. Weak signal in what sounded like Khmer. Program included male speaking and then into song sung by a female. Sign off at by female announcer at 1300. Apparent jamming during entire broadcast which stopped as soon as they signed off. They apparently broadcast on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday targeting Cambodia from a transmitter in Palau. Saturday. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)

Khmer Post Radio on 9960 at 1213 in Cambodian/Khmer with male presenter speaking, possibly talking with another man. Targeting Cambodia from transmitters in Palau. Weak but readable.  Wednesday. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)

Nippon no Kaze via transmitter in Taipei, Taiwan 9950 kHz 1258 in Korean. Open carrier to 1300 sign on with female announcer with ID to talk, 1304 to male announcer. Poor. Thursday. (Taylor-WI) Also heard at 1302 Friday with Korean language program with a female presenter. Fair to poor signal. (Anonymous Contributor-USA) (NOTE: Targeting North Korea-WPC9JXK)

Radio Dabanga on 15725 [targeting the Darfur region of Africa via Santa Maria Galeria, the Vatican] sign on in Arabic with a male presenter starting at 1529 Saturday and into musical Radio Dabanga ID at 1530 and het starting at 1530:09. Arabic program with male presenter. Listened until 1535. Excellent signal. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)

Radio Inyabutatu (tentative) on 17870 from 1702-1727 Saturday only operation seemed to pop on a little late or was below noise level at 1700 opening but heard male vocal before 1703 opening by a man announcer in an unidentified language. Program seemed to be continuous talks with poor signal and much noise marring reception. (D’Angelo-PA) (NOTE: May have been their 1700-1800 program, which is scheduled to air only on Sunday in the Kinyarwand/Rwandan language-targeting Rwanda from transmitters in Kostinbrod Bulgaria-WPC9JXK)

Radio Miraya via Sofia, Bulgaria on 11560 [targeting the Darfur/Sudan region] 0346-0440 Saturday with a man and woman talking in English with discussion about health issues. Local vocals at 0353 followed by more English talk by woman announcer. ID at 0400 followed by news in English by a man announcer. At 0404 nice ID during the news: “You are listening to Radio Miraya news.” Another nice ID at 0412: “Every hour on the hour you can count on the news from Radio Miraya.” After a short Arabic segment, there was more in English. It seems like they recently expanded their coverage in the English language. Fair signal. (D’Angelo-PA)

Radio Tamazuj on 15725 [targeting the Darfur region of Africa via Santa Maria Galleria, the Vatican] sign on in Arabic with a male presenter starting at 1459:03 Saturday and into musical Radio Tamazuj ID at 1500:00 until 1500:25 and then into Arabic program. Excellent signal. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)

Email address confirmation: We received news from Pop’Comm reader and longtime Clandestine and Opposition station listener Eddie Matney that he has confirmed two email QSL addresses.

         Sudan Radio Service, via Mrs. Emily Kiilu,
         Voice of Wilderness, from Bible Voice Broadcasting, at

I want to thank Eddie for these tips and can second Eddie’s observations. In the last 24 months I have received a full data electronic QSL from Sudan Radio Service as well as a full data QSL card via post from the Voice of the Wilderness/Bible Voice Broadcasting. – WPC9JXK.

Spy and Numbers Station Loggings Station Loggings
Note that all days and times are in UTC (GMT) and all frequencies are in kHz. Unless otherwise noted the station name uses the Enigma2000 designator set forth in their control list.

HM-01 Cuban numbers station began broadcasting on 10715 AM at 2156 on Wednesday with two to five seconds of an RDFT transmission followed but silence, less than a half-minute later there was a Female synthesized voice in Spanish with a single five-digit number then silence. At 2157 began a Female synthesized voice in Spanish with a five-digit number alternating with an RDFT data transmission. Unlike normal HM-01 broadcasts there was no preamble consisting of a series of five-digit numbers at the beginning of the broadcast and the preamble had not been heard as of 2201 when I stopped listening. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)

HM-01 Cuban numbers station on 11530 AM on Thursday. I tuned in to the broadcast in progress at 1705-1707 in progress with a Female synthesized voice in Spanish with a five-digit number in between RDFT data transmissions. Excellent signal, good volume but slightly distorted modulation. Tuned back in at 1714 GMT and the preamble was in progress consisting of the female synthesized voice in Spanish with a series of five-digit numbers. This continued until 1716 when there was an RDFT data transmission, which began alternating with a female synthesized voice in Spanish with a five-digit number. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)

HM-01 Cuban numbers station on 11635 AM on Thursday. At 1856 I tuned in to the broadcast in progress and heard a Female synthesized voice in Spanish with a five-digit number alternating with an  RDFT data transmissions. Listened until 1900 abrupt sign off. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)

March/April COPS Contributors
I wish to thank this month’s loggings and QSL report contributors, Rich D’Angelo-PA, William Hassig-IL, Chris Lobdell-MA, Eddie Matney-TX, Mark Taylor-WI, and Anonymous Contributor(s).

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February 2014 Pirate, Clandestine, Opposition and Spy Station Loggings

North American Pirate Station Loggings
Note that all days and times are in UTC (GMT) and all frequencies are in kHz.

Blue Ocean Radio on 6935 USB, 0425 Sunday with C&W tune, I failed to copy email address. Weak but clear. (Hassig-IL)
Boom Box Radio on 6930+/- AM, 0040 Saturday. Sounds European but probably isn’t, dance music. (Hassig-IL) Also heard at 0042 until 0131 sign off with male announcer hosting dance music program. Hard to make out ID but bulletin boards indicated this was the name and sure enough managed to catch ID at closedown once I knew the name. Funny how that works. Poor signal. (D’Angelo-PA)
KoolAM on 6935 USB 0155 Sunday. Spacey music, blues rock, got ID from HF Underground. Fair-poor signal. (Hassig-IL)
MAC Shortwave Radio 6850 AM, 2304-0000+ Tuesday. I always seem to get a great signal from MAC these days. It was the Doctor Who show. He played tunes by Mills Brothers, Searchers, Jim Croce, The Monkees, The Breeders, Procol Harum, The Olympians, The Beatles. IDs, time checks and email info between songs. SIO: 454. Saturday. (Lobdell-MA). Also heard on 6924.5 AM 2325 until 2349 sign-off with Ultra Man playing several Beatles tunes (“Revolution,” “Helter Skelter,” “Hey Jude”) in an old program. Interview with President Obama. The Doctor came on “live” at 2338 with IDs and email address. The Doctor played several selections (Paul Dunlap and Gerry Goldsmith). Off with “A Pirate Life for Me” and orchestral version of the National Anthem was played. Very good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)
Liquid Radio on 6935 AM, 0216-0232 Thursday with thumping dance tunes, possible ID around 0230. SIO: 121. (Lobdell-MA) Also heard 6925 AM, 0349 until 0431 sign-off. Thursday with ID by male 0402. Then into songs by Cyanotic and Slipknot, male voice said “we will not stop ever!” at 0412. Off at 0431. SIO: 222. (Lobdell-MA)
MAC 6925 AM, 221 until 2350 sign-off, Tuesday — the return of this station after being missing for more than 18 months. Program was hosted by The Doctor who played a show by Paul Starr, followed by an all-Beatles show by Ultra Man from March of 2010. They use two email addresses: the old one and the new one At closedown, The Doctor played some movie theme music. SIO: 454. (Lobdell-MA)
Northwoods Radio on 6925 USB, 2315 Thursday with fair signal and good audio, heavy metal music, (Hassig-IL)
Radio Casablanca 6940 AM, 2332-2355+ Thursday. Rick Blaine playing tunes from the early 1940s, ID at 2346. Song by Harry Roy and His Bat Club Boys at 2351. SIO: 222. (Lobdell-MA)
Radio Free Whatever on 6925 AM 0120 Sunday. Heavy-metal music, Fair-poor signal. Sunday. (Hassig-IL) Also heard on 6940 AM, 0145-0247 poor signal. Sign-on with old U.S.S.R. National Anthem, heavy-metal music. (Hassig-IL)
Radio Gallifrey Intergalactic on 6955 USB, 224 until 2256 sign off, Wednesday. Played “Purple Haze” by Hendrix, “I’ve Just Seen A Face” by The Beatles then signed-off. ID from those posting on the HF Underground. (Lobdell-MA)
Red Mercury Labs on 6950 USB, 0255 Sunday with rock song “London calling,” heavy metal, Weak but clear. (Hassig-IL). Also heard 6945 USB, 0226-0310+ Monday “Psycho Killer,” ID and chatting, flute music at 0240 UTC. SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA). Heard also 6935 USB, 0309-0325+ Saturday, weak but steady with rock, such as “Runnin’ With The Devil” by Van Halen, “Revelations” by Iron Maiden. Full ID 0319. SIO: 232. (Lobdell-MA)
Renegade Radio on 6925 USB, 0006-0108 Friday with fair signal with good audio. Sign-on with Addams Family theme, Twilight Zone theme, I think he said (Hassig-IL)
RJI on 6940 AM, 0120 Sunday. Rap music, sound of preacher shouting(?), got ID from HF Underground.  Poor signal, faded in and out. (Hassig-IL)
The Crystal Ship on 6950.6 AM, 0112 Sunday. Song “Hair” from the musical “Hair.” I tuned in late after seeing email, Fair-poor signal. (Hassig-IL)
Twangy Radio on 6925 USB, 0020-0042 Monday. Rock tunes by Buckcherry, Cheap Trick, Eddie Money. IDs by YL “This Is Twangy Radio.” SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA) Heard also 0029-0052 Thursday. Rock vocals (“Get Down On It”) followed by ID which I initially thought was Plan B Radio but later saw message boards that facilitated between Toynbee Radio and Twangy Radio. Several IDs but no address noted and numerous attacks on Obama. Fair to good signal. (D’Angelo-PA). Also heard 0057 until 0109 sign-off Tuesday. Rock tunes, comedy segment in a Donald Duck voice ID just before close as “Radio with a little Twang in It.” SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA)
XFM on 6965 AM, 0120 Sunday. Nice program of various music, political talk including saying “Chuck Norris for Prez” — NO! I don't want him for prez. Also tech talk about CQUAM including talk of last run of Motorola CQUAM chips, Good-fair signal. (Hassig-IL). Also heard 0235 until 0258 sign off Sunday with male announcer with ID and conversation talking about posting reports on FRN. Gave UTC time checks at 0244 and 0250 (“10 minutes before 3 o’clock”). Said he would check message boards “one last time.” Poor to fair. (D’Angelo-PA)
Undercover Radio on 6925 AM, 0130-0228 Monday. Dr. Benway played old “Joint” show of Grasscutter and Sunshine Radio from late 1990s. ID by Dr. B along with an explanation of the term “Fookin’ Slob” at QRT. SIO: 333. (Lobdell-MA). Also heard on 6930 USB, 0248 Sunday. Preacher talking about evolution, reading by William S. Burroughs about medical operation in operating room (?), (?), or Box 293, Merlin, Ontario, Canada, NØP 1WØ. Fair-poor. (Hassig-IL). Also heard 13890 AM, 1901-1930+ Sunday. Talk by Dr. Benway, IDs and email address. Music was played. Very weak here. Faded after 1930. SIO: 121. (Lobdell-MA). Heard also 13890 USB, 1912-1935+ Sunday. Dr. Benway up here playing tunes by Shinedown, Dead Can Dance, Rush. Weak but clear. SIO: 232. (Lobdell-MA)

Euro Pirate Station Loggings
Note that all days and times are in UTC (GMT) and all frequencies are in kHz.

Premier Radio-Ireland 6910 AM, 2019 until 2059 sign off Sunday with talk by male in English with pop tunes, ID 2030. Email address is SIO: 121. (Lobdell-MA)

Clandestine and Opposition Station Loggings
Note that all days and times are in UTC (GMT) and all frequencies are in kHz.
Denge Kurdistan on 11510 via transmitter in Moldova targeting the Kurdistan region. 1338-1402 in Kurdish mostly by a female presenter to male and females apparently by phone. At 1359 just prior to the top of the hour was “Denge Kurdistana” ID by a female followed by time pips and then at the top of the hour a male presenter speaking. Fair-good signal. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)
Furusato no Kaze on 9960 via transmitter in Palau targeting DPR (North) Korea. 1441 Sunday. Japanese language program with male presenter followed at 1443 by female presenter. Good signal. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)
Nippon No Kaze on 9950 via transmitter in Taiwan targeting DPR (North) Korea. 1320 Sunday tuned in to Korean language program in progress, at 1326 ID by female who also gave their website and email address and so on, followed at 1328 by their normal sign off music which ended seconds before 1330 followed by the female presenter sign-on of Furusato no Kaze in Japanese. She spoke until 1332 when she began talking/interviewing a man who sounded like he was connected by telephone. This continued at least until I stopped listening at 1336. Very good signal. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)
Nippon no Kaze on 9975 via transmitter in Palau targeting DPR (North) Korea. 1506 Sunday with Korean language program with male presenter. Good signal. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)
Radio Dabanga on 15535 via transmitter in Santa Maria Galleria, Vatican targeting the Darfur Region. 1620 Sunday with Arabic language broadcast ID at 1621. Good signal with slight het. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)
Radio Inyabutatu 17870 targeting Rwanda 1714 to 1759 sign off Tuesday with long talks in listed Kinyarwanda language by man in the studio and later by a man with a remote hookup. Closedown at 1758 followed by instrumental music until carrier was terminated. Poor with some fair peaks. (D’Angelo-PA)
Radio Tamazuj on 13800 via transmitter in Talata, Madagascar targeting the Darfur region. 1505 Saturday with Arabic with a female presenter. ID heard. Poor signal. Also heard at same time on their parallel frequency of 15535 via SMG Vatican with a good signal. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)
Voice of Tibet on 15548 targeting Tibet/China via Tajikistan. 1308-1314 Thursday with male presenter, musical bridges and female presenter. Fair signal but not clear enough to confirm language (presumed Mandarin) due to static. Frequency measured as 15548 kHz. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)

Spy and Numbers Station Loggings Station Loggings
Note that all days and times are in UTC (GMT) and all frequencies are in kHz. Unless otherwise noted the station name uses the Enigma2000 designator set forth in their control list.

HM-01 Cuban numbers station 11435 AM Wednesday tuned in broadcast in progress 1624 RDFT data transmission alternating with a female synthesized voice in Spanish with a five-digit number. Good signal strength but audio under modulated. At 1625 silence until 1628 when the Female synthesized voice in Spanish started the preamble with a series of five-digit numbers. (Anonymous Contributor-USA)
HM-01 Cuban numbers station 11530 AM Wednesday, tuned in broadcast in progress 2316-2330 with a five-digit number in Spanish by a Female synthesized voice alternating with an RDFT data transmission. At 2326 audio silence, followed at 2328 by the preamble consisting of a series of five-digit numbers in Spanish by the female synthesized voice. Wednesday. (Anonymous Contributor-USA) (NOTE: There is often about three minutes of silence about half way into HM-01’s broadcasts followed by a repeat of the first half of the broadcast. – WPC9JXK)
HM-01 Cuban numbers station 17480 AM tuned in broadcast in progress 2239-2241 Spanish with a five-digit number by female mechanical voice alternating with an RDFT data transmission. (Anonymous Contributor-USA) (NOTE: This frequency is used Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for HM-01’s 2200 broadcast –WPC9JXK)